Friday, November 7, 2008

it's easy being green

this evening as i was reading under the tuscan sun at peace coffee, next door to the spa and latini's, i was pretty inspired by the author giving advice to a woman about taking a leap and doing what you really want to do. she said something to the effect that no matter how many obstacles you have to deal with, in the end, the joy you get from living the way you really want to makes all of it worth it.

i've always cared about and been interested in environmental conservation and protection and i've spent the better part of today researching environmental grad programs. in one of the books i'm reading, a short history of nearly everything, bill bryson writes a lot about how different species are going extinct all the time and how the world is becoming less and less sustainable. the global community definitely seems interested in what it can do to reverse some of the effects humans have had on the planet. and so am i.

for now though, i'm thinking about how i can make the most of being in taiwan. this weekend i'm going to try to find a new scooter, next week i'm going to yoga down the street since i was too ill to go this week, and i'm going to hit the chinese harder from here on out. it's kind of exciting thinking about coming back because nowww i can bring back cool things from taiwan instead of leaving everything i don't have room for here.
bobo requested that i bring underwear with cartoons on it and multicolored hair bows for the girls when i come back. it's funny how they have every plastic hair thingy in the world here, but she wants grosgrain bows that are apparently only in america.


Aunt Carol said...

I'll bet you could learn how to make grosgrain ribbon bows and start a cottage industry in Taiwan!

Aunt Margy said...

I'm reading "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver.
It's about eating organically grown produce and meat while supporting and sustaining local farmers. It's really quite interesting and will be important in the survival of our planet.
love you.:>)