Sunday, November 30, 2008

brandy alexander

it would be interesting to have a drink, or anything, named after you. i think about that every once in a while since i've been in taiwan. it's odd to be noticed by strangers. i can't imagine being nationally or globally famous so you literally can't go anywhere without being noticed.

at the same time, it means you would always be remembered. i was thinking the other day that i don't know anything about anyone in my family who came before BVZ, my great grandma, and stories i've heard about gram and spanky's parents.
but when grandpa mannix died, i decided that all of us carry pieces of the people who came before us and that even though i may not know whereall of the traditions come from, i do something that mom does that mutti does that her mom did because her mom did, and so on. i can't count how many times a day i do things because that's how someone in my family has always done it.

moving on from my diatribe ;)
my week ends with saturday and it's always a sigh of relief when i've made it through my most awful day. i won't try to explain how ridiculous my 7th graders are, but i don't know how anyone could be a 7th grade teacher every single day.

noe and i went to IKEA for dinner and i bought a set of glasses and some bakeware for the dorm. we're having our big thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and we only have about 8 cups. lesley has gone into cooking mode and she seems to have it all under control, so i contributed by making some decorations for the room. i'll show you tomorrow. and i told her that gram makes her pie crust with ice water.

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