Sunday, November 9, 2008

the dizzy rooster

today at da chu was pretty funny. i went over after my 2 kindy classes this morning and i was sitting for a minute, writing my lesson plan, and mr. wang walks in, soaking wet in his rain jacket (it was raining 'cat and dog' as mr. kuo pointed out) with a take out container in hand. he sets it down in front of me and says 'italy mien' which is 'italian noodles'. i told them a while ago that i don't like taiwanese/chinese food, i like italian. so he brought me spaghetti with meat sauce :)
then mr. kuo asked if i had tried a fruit that looked like a fig to me, and he cut it open and handed me both halves and a spoon and it turns out it was passionfruit, which i looove. the seeds are connected by a little neck thingy and then you just scoop them out once you've disconnected them. so that was cool. i order lots of passionfruit drinks but i didn't know what the actual fruit looked like.
and mrs. chan gave me salted, dried 'golden orange' tea and it had a dried mandarin orange floating in it. it was super salty but i drank it anyway. and she's been giving me this really oily toast lately. i need to think of some little gift to give them for all of their kindness.

went to the rib place with alan, natalie, steve and noe tonight. ribs are so tasty every couple of months. expensive, but super worth it. noe and i split a rack. steve was super nice and drove me on his scooter even though he didn't have a rain poncho or a visor on his helmet. he was soaking wet when we got there. steve is so nice. he does a whole lot for me.

steve, noe, josh and i went to a bar down the street tonight for a change of scenery and we just got home. i took a shower and then i figured out that the texas football game is on right now. it's halftime. i'm trying pretty hard to stay awake. 3am is past my witching hour.

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