Thursday, November 20, 2008

just settled down for a long winter's nap

i really want to go to sleep so here are the key points:
-lesley bought a super warm jacket the other day and i was soo cold yesterday that i went to buy one just like it this morning. hers is like burgundy red and mine is kind of a pretty medium blue. they're lined with a gray, down shell that unzips if you want to wear it on its own, and then the outside is like a warm rain jacket. it was toasty on the scooter today

-i got my scooter! i rode it around after class tonight because it needed gas. they delivered it on empty, the chums. you would think if someone buys a scooter from you, you could at least put 100NT worth of gas in it. they did wash it and put a new basket on it for me though. that was nice.
it drives well. the throttle doesn't have as much play as steve's does, so i had to adjust to a quick takeoff. and the brakes are good and strong. so i'm happy. glad to be mobile. yoga, here i come.

-i laid down the law in my yellow book class that speaks mostly chinese. i told them i had come too far for them to speak chinese in my class. i haven't seen my family in 5 months, i don't have good mexican food, i dont get to sleep in my own bed, and it's just rude for them to waste my time and theirs. so i instituted a strict no chinese policy. first they lose their stickers (which we use as bait) and on the third strike, they take a note home with them telling their mom that they spoke chinese all during class, and they have to get it signed and bring it back to me. and we didn't play a game at the beginning.
it worked like a charm. so i was thrilled. it's hard for me to be the bad cop.

time for bed. i'm too toasty in bed to go down in my jammies and take a picture of my scooter, so i'll show you tomorrow.


Its_Lily said...

the 'law' is a great idea. I bet it threw them off kilter to hear you say you don't get good Mexican food. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

ooo...angry teacher megan. hah!

Anonymous said...

Good for you. It's important to be in charge............or think you are!