Monday, November 24, 2008

the fam

fajtown told me he's making what we call 'gack' in our house.. chex mix.. and i'm bummed! i would kill for some rice chex and Worcestershire (thank you, spell check) sauce. 3 weeks, 3 weeks!

so, quickly:
i forgot to tell you that earlier this week, one of my kids was eating what i thought she called 'garlic rice' so i asked mrs. chan if she made it at her shop and she said no. but then when i went the next day, mr. kuo was actually bouncing off the walls to see me and mrs. chan had made me some curry rice. he told me about 5 times that she was my 'taiwan mom'. she's really a sweet lady. i wish she wasn't so quiet, but hopefully as my chinese improves, we'll get there.

last night a whole bunch of us went to a girl's going away party. it was nice to get out and mingle with people who i don't live with. danielle and i hung out a bit which was fun. she's a lot like my friends at home. and she likes red wine too

today i met two taiwanese americans. i guess they arent taiwanese-american, but they were both women who are from taiwan who are now living in america. one of them was linda's friend. she's living in washington DC. i asked her if she had been to that chain restaurant that sells noodles of all kinds, but she didn't know what i was talking about. (aunt carol, can you give me sarah's email address so i can ask her?)

the other woman was at this restaurant on the corner next to the coffee shop. she's back in taiwan because she got braces here because it's cheaper than america. her husband and kids are still in the US though i guess. the people in that restaurant seemed pretty excited that i finally stopped in. they had a lot of questions and they helped me with my chinese homework. it's on the corner and i have to walk by it every time i go to latini's, the coffee shop or the spa, which is daily. the kitchen guys are always sitting on the side smoking or chatting and we exchange awkward, multi-lingual hello's.

tonight we went to ali baba's for indian food. it was so delicious. i think i'm going to go once a week to get some naan.

other than that.. i've been trying really hard to fill my day with anything other than more Gossip Girl episodes. i feel like such a highschooler but i really like it, and it's hard to resist when i know i have 18 episodes downloaded to my computer.. and that's only season 1. i did go to chinese lessons today and linda cleared up all of my confusion on the latest chapter. she's really an awesome teacher. if we didn't spend so much time giggling, we would probably get a lot more done.

so today was a good day. it smelled like cooking rice as i was walking home and i was thinking about how i'm going to miss taiwan while i'm home and i'm really glad i made the decision to come back and finish my contract.


Sara Todd said...

Hi Megan. Carol forwarded a link to your blog so I can answer your question (whatever it is). My home email is and my work email is

Sounds like you're having a great time over there. I will bookmark your blog so I can check in once in a while.

Its_Lily said...

This sounds like a different Megan from the one I met when I was there. I'm happy to hear you're settling in to life in Taiwan. I love that you said you were going to miss it when you come home for the holidays. It seems as if you're really open to what you're experiencing how. That is so cool.