Wednesday, November 26, 2008

hi nummy nummy

what's a good movie to show to 12 year old kids? they have to be able to understand the english. i'm thinking mary poppins or enchanted, but i'm a girl, so. maybe ratatouille?

well this morning, dan from latini's took me to his friend quinn's shop to take a look at my scooter because it was shutting off when it idled. so he took it apart and did some stuff and now it's working very well.

when i got home, i realized how many people here have done things for me and i haven't really reciprocated, so i stopped by the stationery shop on the way home and bought some really beautiful paper and made some thank you cards.
i don't have any glue so i had to improvise with some sewing kits that spanky sent me. i pricked my fingers about a million times as i tried to sew through 8 layers of paper, but i think they turned out well
other than that, today was pretty low key. thai for lunch. 2 classes. made some apple crisp. it's feeling a little more fall-ish around here now that the weather is consistently cool.
time to read and go to sleep. i'm going to try to finish at least one book tonight.
hey speaking of books, i need recommendations for round 2 of books to bring back with me after christmas. i like travel books, but i'm open to any good books. i prefer non fiction. marisa! this means you.


missris said...

hahaha ooh a shout out. Ok, my mom says "Three Cups of Tea." I just read a good nonfiction book called "Getting Away With It" about the Leopold and Loeb murders in Chicago. There's one called Devil in the White City that's like, historical fiction and it's pretty good. Anything Bill Bryson--he has a new one out called Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid that's kind of an autobiography. American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld is really good--it's kind of a fiction based on the life of Laura Bush. Curtis Sittenfeld is a pretty good writer. If you are still into travel writing, you'd probably like Paul Theroux--he wrote a book called Riding the Iron Rooster about traveling across China. Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell is really good--it'll definitely make you feel better about your current situation. That's all I can think of for now but I'll keep my eyes and ears open for new suggestions.

Its_Lily said...

Love the thank you cards. Sorry about your fingers. Next purchase should be a hole punch - also available at the scrapbook store.

Aunt Carol said...

If you want to read travel books -- I loved reading the Peter Mayle books. I just happen to have Toujours Provence, Encore Provence, French Lessons and Acquired Tastes on my book shelf. I think you have already read his first book, A Year in Provence. Let me know about these other four and I'll send them to Austin with your Dad. I will also send Elmer's glue and a glue stick for future notecard making! Love, AC

Anonymous said...

ditto on three cups of tea. i read that over the summer, but it's a quick read. what about muhammad yunus's new book, creating a world without poverty? it's about social business. i have it but haven't read it yet. you could let me know what you think. =)