Monday, November 17, 2008

love is a song

somehow i'm down to 6 contacts for my right eye though i have 4 boxes for my left eye. it doesn't make any sense to me except that my right eye is the one that really needs correction, so there are times i only wear one contact. but still. anyway it's been on my mind that i need to get some more boxes, so tonight after school i went to a shop in guei shan to ask. i asked the man there if he thought we could get by with me speaking english and limited chinese, and he said no, so i went to a store downtown. the guy who helped me spoke enough english to get by. really, all you need to understand is 'better' or 'worse'.
so we did the eye test and it was easy enough. i guess my prescriptions (1.25 and -.50) are too weak for them to have any contacts in stock, so i have to go back tomorrow. 5 boxes is only $70 though which is cheaper than in the US.

that's really all i have to say today. class was fun. we played a game that involved stacking paper cups and then knocking them down by throwing a ball at them. it was pure chaos but it was soo fun.

i discovered i can watch parts of old isaac mizrahi episodes online so i'm going to go do that.

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