Monday, November 17, 2008

and mom had broth

it's funny how i always miss my family but there's something about saying it out loud that really makes you feel it. bobo was asking about my family tonight and i told her how mom stayed up with me for the first few nights on skype and when i woke up in the middle of the night i could say 'mom?' and she would say 'i'm here' and i could go back to sleep. i think that's one of the things i'll always remember about being here. being really far away has made me feel.. not closer, but it makes me realize how much of me is made up of the people around me. there are several times every day that i say/want to say 'my mom/dad/brother/gram/grandpa always says or would say..'

today was pretty low key. woke up late, showered and went to chinese lessons with linda. this week was particularly useful as i learned how to say 'i want to buy a scooter for less than 10k'. i can say more than, less than, 300 or a little more, and 'more than 300 but less than 800' which will all be very helpful.
dan made cheesecake and he had put in a package of fruit snacks which had melted. that was interesting.
then after the lesson, the three of us and alex, a guy from the dorm, went to a scooter shop to ask about scooters. the guy didn't have any, so we just turned around and went home. but dan said his friend has one for 9k so hopefully i can buy that one sometime this week.
this evening i went to bobo's to play with jaime and joyce. we colored and watched a movie. joyce has some kind of rash on her torso and her skin feels scaley. i'm not sure what it is but i think it might be from her detergent? or a food alergy?

then steve, noe and i went to ikea for dinner. i bought dish towels which we baaaadly needed, a bowl, and some cookies.

it was a good day.


WK said...

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, no?

Anonymous said...

that looks like the trail of lights behind you! oo, will it still be up when you get home? think about it.

Its_Lily said...

a rash on her torso and a scaley feel? I'm no Dr., but if it isn't a reaction to detergent, then it sounds like Scarlet Fever. Don't ring the alarm bells. It can be brought on by strep throat that's not gone away. Plain old Penicillin is the cure. Alex had this when he was young.

vespagirl said...

What happened to your old scooter? Did you never get the hang of starting it without falling off?