Saturday, November 15, 2008

everything's coming up roses

this will have to be quick because i need to watch the rest of greys anatomy and go to bed, but here are the highlights..

-dan at latini's gave me 2 passionfruits and made me a deliciousss dessert with a passionfruit and vanilla ice cream.
-i bought this rose scented oil thing on the way home and i think i'm allergic to it. i feel all itchy and my room smells powerfully like roses. i think i'm going to close it for a while.
-we got 2 new people in the dorm tonight, yaya and anisa. they're engaged, they just got back from a year in egypt, and they seem cool. someone sent out a text message telling us they had arrived. i think it was serena. anyway we all swarmed them and they were pretty understanding.

i think that's it. goodnight :)

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