Monday, November 10, 2008

surrending to gravity and the unknown

tiramisu is on the menu at latini's now ;) it was pretty tasty today after chinese. linda is a really good teacher. i always look forward to our class.

well it's been rainy since saturday morning and the weather has cooled down a good 10 degrees C which is really more like 15 (or something) F. i wore my favorite shirt to celebrate the cold weather. i had been saving it for this occasion. and alex, or someone, even commented that i looked especially fall-ish today. you can't really see in this picture but it has really cute ruffles on the collar and ends of the sleeves.

josh and i went to bobo's for dinner tonight. meghan's vietnamese boyfriend and his friend made vietnamese food for all of us. it was pretty good. she tried to set me up with his friend.. but he doesn't speak any english and he knows about as much chinese as i know.. so.. i don't think that will work out.
anyway joyce and jaime and i had a bunch of fun. i drew all sorts of things that joyce ordered me to draw, and we played uno. it was nice to cuddle up with both of them. i like how little kids will just sit down with you and cuddle while you're chatting or watching tv.

then i came home and made another batch of the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. leslie made banana bread and it smelled really good in the kitchen. people were coming out of their rooms one by one to see what was going on :P everyone really liked the cookies last time so they were excited to see them again.

a bunch of us just watched the first episode of Rome. i had never heard of it, but it was pretty good. and i chatted with gram and spanky and then mom and dad so i'm all caught up and ready for bed. :)

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Its_Lily said...

lol If Alex wants the cookies, then I agree, he should have come over to get some - or at least help you make them. I'm not surprised they disappeared so quickly. I have the same thing happen when I make them. yumm!