Wednesday, November 5, 2008

purple mountains majesty

i already updated about today but i have three bits of urgent news from later in the day:
1. bobo, jaime and i went to joyce's school for their open house day. we just stood outside her classroom and watched through the open window. when she saw me, pandemonium broke loose. she started screaming 'MEGANNNN!' and the whole class just stopped and looked at me for 30 seconds or so and then joyce would intermittently scream 'MEGANN!' for the rest of the class.
she goes to a catholic Montessori kindergarten. i recognized some of the stuff we had at my Montessori, like those beads that are on rows and they fit inside a clear box. lots of sensory stations.

2. i got ice cream at deli manjoo (keith and my faaavorite ice cream place) on my way out of carrefour today and i got what i thought was pistachio that was really.. corn and green bean. not joking, it had french cut, frozen green beans and little kernels of corn in it. it tasted pretty good until i got a better look at it and realized what i was eating. it kind of creeped me out once i knew what it was

3. when i got to mr. kuo's today, he got his trusty note pad off the top of the counter and wrote '338-163 ObaMa' and he, mr. wang, mr. whatever and i all toasted Obama.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mr Wang!!! Isn't he sweet? It gave Mr. Whatever a chance to drink too (not that he needs an excuse.)
He he he...

megan said...


Anonymous said...

ice cream with green beans and corn? HAH

Anonymous said...

I had no idea they went to a Montessori school, or is it only Joyce? That is pretty neat. Before I came here, I was looking into teaching at one of those schools in Chicago.

ewww on the ice cream. I'm so glad I wasn't there.