Sunday, November 30, 2008


today in pictures:
danielle said something about putting a spoon in your mouth stops you from crying when you cut onions.
tin foil was pretty useful in a small kitchen. these are the pies
all of us hanging out in the kitchen before dinnerYUMMM. we didn't brine it, but it was delicious.
this was the colorful end of the table
my bowl of thanksgiving food. i got jaime to try to a green bean, but nothing else
joyce being cute with her mouth full
bobo, jaime and i
joyce being a ham making a funny face
my thanksgiving craft project. only one out of 8 caught on fire by the end of the night.
noe made ground beef and salsa for burritos but i think we were all kind of preoccupied with the turkey.

serena and i made apple crisp for the 4th time this week but it didn't last long enough to photograph. we were all dying waiting for lesley to get back from her walk to cut into the pumpkin pies she made, so i offered up the apple crisp while we were waiting.

it was a really nice day/night. it's not often that we all hang out together and it was fun to cook all day. we decided that it tasted remarkably north american given our taiwanese ingredients.
happy thanksgiving!

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Mary Beth said...

Oh, I love this type of Thanksgiving--friend getting together and everyone pitching in. And your votive holders turned out great!