Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a cat named tiger and a dog named spot

happy birthday keith!

i think i can do today in 11 words. chinese, pumpkin soup (counts as 1), potential language exchange, class, pashmina, long commute, shower, Rome.

jerry and i went to chinese and now we can say numbers up to the 100 millions. they group things in terms of 10,000 which is kind of confusing. 100,000 is actually '10 10 thousands'. but we got it after a bit. then we went to latini's to eat some delicious soup. while i was doing my chinese homework, this woman tried to ask if i could talk to her in english once a week for 2 or 3 hours. we found a time and then she said 'i'll let you think about it' instead of committing to anything, which is so asian, as dan and justin and i agreed.

the weather is still pretty chilly with all of this rain. we had been in the high 80s and now we're in the low 70s and it feels pretty chilly and damp. i bought a pretty gray variegated pashmina for $6 on the street tonight. i can hear majjy telling me that if your upper body and neck are warm, the rest of you will be warm.

tomorrow morning i'm going to speak english with jaime's class at seven forty AM so i'm hopping into bed early tonight. goodnight all.

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Majjy said...

And Happy Birthday John Kubricky!