Wednesday, November 19, 2008

watch my corn pop up in rows

bought a scooter today! it was actually kind of convoluted. i went to latini's and dan drove me to pick up his friend and then the three of us went to the friend's friend's scooter shop. we went out there to look at a used scooter that was $9k (around 270US) but it was 125ccs and looked way too big for me to ride. eventually we decided on a 50cc scooter for 9k. it looks used but not dead. it's turquoise. they're going to put a basket on the front of it for me ;)
the guy is going to drop it off at latini's tomorrow so i'll show you a picture tomorrow night after i give it a bath.

other than that, it was a plain day. i taught a beginner class and gave a test in my other class. it's interesting to find out which kids have no clue what's going on and which kids are doing better than you thought.
it got pretty chilly out today. probably in the mid 60s. every time i say '60s' to someone from home they say the 60s? what are you talking about? that's not cold at all. here it's ... but it really feels cold when you're used to the 90s with dripping humidity. today it was drizzly and wet and it felt reaally chilly. lesley bought a puffy jacket at carrefour for 4k and i think i'm going to go buy one tomorrow. there's no price on being warm. especially whipping around on a scooter. it gets pretty cold.

time to watch obama's 60 minutes interview, read and go to bed.

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