Wednesday, November 5, 2008

heck yes, america!

i am so proud of obama! he's a truly intelligent man who will surround himself with capable people and make the best collective decisions possible. it's exciting to think about what this represents for minorities of all kinds in america. hopefully he can fix everything by the time i get back in july ;) that would be nice.

this morning a bunch of us went to john's apartment to watch the election unfold while we ate delicious chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, hash browns and eggs. it was pretty exciting to watch the electoral college's votes add up with people who care about what's happening. i guess we all had a good feeling he would win, but no one wanted to jinx it.

it's weird being in taiwan while all of this is going on though. it seems like the whole nation is celebrating at home right now and it's really quiet here. a handful of american teachers are pretty excited though. we were exchanging 'happy obama day' greetings this afternoon.

a comment posted on one of the blogs i read was pretty good:
Anonymous n.maguire said...

I live in Ireland, a country relatively untouched by the outcome of this election (being as we are a tiny, tiny country on the outskirts of an increasingly irrelevant European bloc). Nonetheless, I've now been awake for 26+ hours because myself and ten other average Irish citizens drank our way through the night and the election. And I have one thing to say:

Congratulations, America. Hold your collective heads up high - you did the right thing.

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Margy said...

Very cool indeed. You'll always remember exactly where you were when the nation elected the our President!
See ya George W.

The world is psyched, as are many folks here in little Lake George!
Stay healthy and happy.
A. Margy