Sunday, November 16, 2008

kevin bacon

no early class this morning! that was lovely. it really made a difference to sleep an extra hour and not have to tell benny to sit in his chair 200 times during class. i really love my second class with the little girls. they're so sweet and they say MEGANNN! when they see me. that's the best part of being a teacher. some of the kids really are genuinely excited to see you every week and they want to know what you like and what your family is like and stuff. it's fun.

went to mr. kuo's for lunch. he had bought me 2 passionfruit, mr. wang brought me a lemon green tea and mr. whatever brought me some fried chicken, so lunch was on them today.
mr. kuo told me he was in the military on a ship 25 years ago, so i asked to see pictures since i just learned how to say picture. mrs. chan went upstairs (they typically live above their store) and brought down pictures of mr. kuo from the military and from high school in the '70s. hilarious. and she showed me their wedding photos which were totally over the top and awesome. her dress was baby pink satin with giant puffy sleeves and tons and tons of lace with a huge headpiece. they are so fun.

i made pretzels tonight and they turned out relatively well. the recipe doesn't call for any salt in the dough, but i'd add a teaspoon or a half a teaspoon next time. recipe here
it makes about 20 and they went pretty fast. i covered the first batch in this dried, toasted garlic you can buy in packages at carrefour, and they were taaasty.

steve, noe, dena and i went to debbie's diner for dinner. she's from canada so it's all north american food. i had pancakes, bacon and grapefruit juice.
this totally adorable 4 or 5 yr old on a tricycle said hello to us and told us her name was melody and she was 6 years old. oh so i guess she's 6 :P anyway i tried asking her what school she went to, but she couldn't tell me. as we were getting on the scooters to drive home, she ran up to me and said beautiful! which was pretty sweet.

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