Tuesday, November 4, 2008

it seems like only yesterday

i hate colds more than any illness. i've had this yellow baby blanket since i was born, i sleep with it, i like to smell it, it's just my thing. but when i have a cold, i can't smell it and it really makes me crazy. and i'm used to not taking in that much air when i'm sleeping and i wake up with a really dry throat. it's silly but i really hate it :P
i even got spanky on the covering your nose while you sleep train. he sleeps with a tissue over his nose now.

well i just got off the phone with aunt carol, then gram, then majjy. thank goodness for skype. there's something about hearing your mom's (or dad's) voice that just makes you feel collected. it would be nice to actually see them, but talking on the phone has been really comforting.
i think we all decided that staying to finish the rest of my contract is probably the best idea for me right now. i can learn a lot more chinese and save a bunch more money. and i'll still be back in time for the next football season and my birthday. who knows. it isn't official until i've bought my plane ticket.

today was low key. chinese class where we're learning pretty useful vocab. latini's for lunch with JG and then class. i've been dragging because of my cold, but it's running its course.
time for bed though. it's late


missris said...

wait, where you thinking about coming home for good?!?

Its_Lily said...

I'm happy to hear you decided to finish your term. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you. Go for it all!

Now if only we could get you eating more adventurous dishes?? But not deer meat. Stay away from the deer meat.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased that you're leaning towards staying. I agree that learning Chinese will be so valuable for you and your future. You've got a pretty good grasp on the basics. Time goes so quickly, which you'll realize more as you get older, so take advantage of the opportunity while you're there.
Aunt Margy

Anonymous said...

i, on the other hand, want you to come home but for totally selfish reasons because i probably won't be in austin by the time you get back for good.

Majjy said...

I'm pleased that you find talking to me comforting.

I love you more than words can say
and know that whatever you elect to do, it will be a wise decision.