Tuesday, November 25, 2008

clinking ice cubes

today was boring but i guess a boring day in asia is still a pretty interesting day. i hung around this morning and read and watched more gossip girl. put gas in my scooter this afternoon. in taiwan, you can't pump your own gas, so there are always a couple of attendants hanging around. inevitably, when i pull up, they send out the alert and about 4 or 5 of them peek out of their stations at me. the life of a foreigner.
i have nothing to report so i'm headed to bed. i have an early morning tomorrow to get my scooter looked at. it keeps shutting off when i'm idling and i'd like it fixed if it's possible to fix it.

majtown made an appointment for me to get my hair cut and colored dec. 19 and i couldn't be more thrilled.

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Mary Beth said...

Oh my gosh, your day sounds completely delightful to me. Enjoy that.