Monday, November 3, 2008

vaya con dios

現在我可以寫中文. (i can write in chinese now). it's been pretty exciting. i've had lots of partial conversations with everyone i can get my g-chatting hands on. i type the pinyin (the phonetic spelling) and it just pops up the characters. it's pretty easy and then i don't have to worry about missing a tiny line or a box. i'm always forgetting parts of characters.

it was a very quiet weekend. i'm still getting over my sore throat, now kind of cruddy throat and stuffy nose. i woke up at 830 to listen to the UT game. we were behind Tech the entire game until the 4th quarter with like a minute to go. we scored and were ahead by 1 point. but Tech had possession of the ball and they just marched down the field for something like 60 yards in 6 plays and scored, leaving us literally one second on the clock to try to score. but we didn't. we lost by 6 points =\ but our defense wasn't playing very well and neither was the offense, so we kind of deserved it.

other than thattt.. i attempted to make the indian pudding but the 'black syrup molasses' i bought from the baking store didn't have any sugar or something, and it tasted more like burnt vinegar than molasses.

hung around the dorm until 430 when i had my chinese lesson, but linda was still in taipei so i ended up just doing my homework in empty latini's and talked to bernice and dan. we're trying to find a new name for bernice since her name is kind of an old lady name. i'm going to make her a list of possibilities.

serena and i went to ali baba's for dinner and it was sooo tasty. i had the same thing i had last time, but this time we found out there was an ice cream station. we took turns nearly snapping our arms in half to dig out the rock solid ice cream, but it was totally worth it.

and that was my sunday. time for bed. this week will be full of early mornings.

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